The Marriage Ceremony

Committing yourself to a lifelong relationship with another person is one of the most solemn undertakings you can make, and it should also be the most joyful. It is an opportunity to affirm and consolidate a personal commitment and strengthens ties with family and friends. There has never been a greater need for ceremonies that are flexible and personal, to fit what should be a unique occasion. I will be pleased to work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that suits your own style, character and personal beliefs.

Your choices help to determine a ceremony that expresses just what you wish to say on your special occasion.

It will be my honour, and a privilege to work with you.

Your Needs

At an unhurried meeting with the couple, we discuss and plan the ceremony content. This includes venue, date and time of marriage. I also ascertain your:

• Music preferences
• Whether there is to be religious / spiritual content
• Poetry and/or Reading preferences

I offer the necessary form required to obtain your Marriage Licence, along with other notes for your Wedding Arrangements file.


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